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For Companies

For us no batch is too small or too big – Sell or Buy complete batches and Save Time!




 Easy to use
1.   You contact us

2.  We send you a file.

3.  You fill out the serial numbers and we then send you a Quote.

4.  If you are happy we arrange for a pick-up, assess your devices. We then agree on a final price reflecting the diagnostics and then Payment is made to your allocated account.


Attractive prices

Our software use the device serial number combined with age and condition to calculate an accurate market price for your device.

Our market reach and knowhow combined with our diagnostic capabilities gives us an advantage on the market and therefore we pride ourselves on being able to offer a fare price with quick and reliable payment.


Environmentally friendly

We all know most Apple products are very durable and after our in depth diagnostics and detailed refurbishment they come out in great shape. This gives new life to an old product, which is great for both the environment and the wallet.

Big or small company you can always make money or save money with mResell and be good to our planet at the same time.

Don’t forget, to sell the used products before purchasing new ones is also a great way of managing your cash flow.


Secure Data Erasure

mResell takes secure data erasure very seriously. We ensure all your data is thoroughly and professionally removed from your Apple product.


In addition to the normal data erasure process using Apple’s own tools, we provide our customers with an option to use Blancco, the most advanced data erasure software available on the market today. Blancco software meets and exceeds all current US Department of Defense specifications and requirements for secure data erasure. Blancco software makes it also possible to share full erasure reports, including detailed information on each product.



Pleas send us an email on stating what it is you are looking for and we will do our best to meet your requirements.

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