Brand New/Unopened iPhone 7 APP 2018-06-28

iPhone 7, 128GB, PRODUCT RED (LIMITED EDITION), Product age: 2 months

Original photos:

This product is unfortunately already sold, please check out our other products in the shop or put in a pre-order and we will notify you when the new product of your preference has arrived.

Full Specification



Original memory:


Operating system:


Product age:

2 months

Apple warranty to:


Missing original package



This product is quality assured by an authorized technician. We therefore leave a warranty of 6 months on this product. Read more about our warranties here.


Unopened: Unopened means an unused product. Packaging unbroken. All our products are delivered with Apple's original charger and available cables. All our products are in good working order unless stated otherwise.


This product is shipped within 3 business days. We send it by mail, which means that you get a tracking number and can retrieve it immediately when it arrives at your local post office. For corporate clients you will a get delivery to your office.
As a consumer you have the right to cancel your purchase without specific reason within 14 days of receiving the goods.

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